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You will find it is the quickest and easiest way to learn the nuts and bolts of umpiring. Learn tips, tricks, and techniques to gain confidence and knowledge to make YOUR best call!


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In the Star Store you will find quality umpire shirts, custom lineup card holders, and other items to help you effectively umpire your games. 


Improve the experience for your young All-Stars!!

Your purchase of gear or Star Certificates gains you access to FREE resources to improve your league !

The Mask Project
Helps Hospitals in Need

A YSS Sports Special Project
The Mask Project
Masks Donated
Thank you so much for this generous donation and for advocating to protect healthcare workers. As an incoming new physician I am really grateful to my community for stepping up to help keep me and my colleagues safe as we all work together in these disturbing times.
Megan B.
UC Davis Medical Center


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