The Mask Project

Created March 24, 2020

Medical Masks Purchased

LAST UPDATE: 5/19/20 

From Umpires and Catchers,
to Doctors and Nurses ...
Masks Protect Us All

Ball players value their masks above all other things.  So, let’s  make sure our hospitals get the face protection THEY need!   Since, there is no baseball, we re-targeted our entire business to use our resources (suppliers, contacts, web space, and staff) to create and crowd-fund The Mask ProjectThe Mask Project helps get medical masks to hospitals in need.  So far we have donated nearly 5,000 masks.  Help us do even more!

All contributions (100%) go towards providing medical masks for hospitals in need! Please contribute and share.


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LAST UPDATE: 5/19/20

100% of funds raised will be used to purchase and deliver medical supplies to hospitals.  Generally, equipment (i.e., medical surgical masks) will be purchased in lots of 1,000 or more.  Funding is not tax-deductible. 

Thank you so much for this generous donation and for advocating to protect healthcare workers. As an incoming new physician I am really grateful to my community for stepping up to help keep me and my colleagues safe as we all work together in these disturbing times.
Megan B.
UC Davis Medical Center
We just received your most generous donation of 500 new surgical masks. THANK YOU!!! We are very grateful to have them.
Malia W.
Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Center
We cannot thank you enough for your organizations’ generosity.
Endia P.
VA Northern California Health Care System

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Types of Masks

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Funding Level Surgical Style* N95 Respirator *
$10 15 Masks 3 Masks
$25 40 Masks 7 Masks
$100 160 Masks 40 Masks
$500 800 Masks 200 Masks

* Estimated and varies based on demand

HospitalMask Project DonationStateCityWebsite
Sutter Medical Center50 N95CASacramento
Columbia Presbyterian500 surgicalNYNew York
Mercy General Hospital1,000 surgical + 50 N95CASacramento
UC Davis Med Center500 surgicalCASacramento
Henry Ford Hospital500 surgicalMIWyandotte
KP - Morse500 surgicalCASacramento
Sutter - CPMC750 surgicalCASan Francisco
VA NorCal California HC System500 surgicalCAMather
KP - Point West250 surgicalCASacramento

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