How to Get Started as a STAR Program Member and What to Expect


Login to Your Account.   You will receive several emails.  These include the following:

  • An email including a receipt of your Star order.
  • An email providing you a temporary password.  You may be able to login directly to your account when you successfully verify your account. Following that, you will use this password to access your account, unless and until you create your preferred password.


IMPORTANT!  Update Your Account. Once you access your account, you can use My Dashboard to make changes to your password or other personal information.    We recommend you IMMEDIATELY change your password to some thing you will remember.  


STAR LEAGUES – Forward League info to access your League Resources.  The first thing to do is to complete the STAR League Info form to allow the creation of your customized STAR Portal.

Once you have completed checkout and forwarded your information, it will take a little time to set up your custom STAR League Portal. You will receive an email with access information as soon as it is complete.

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