Are You STAR-Certified?

The STAR Umpire Certificate program is designed to make sure every kid in each league experiences a quality and safe sports league marked with sportsmanship!

Why Get STAR-Certified?

Accelerate Your Learning

The STAR Umpire Certificate Program provides training, tips, and tricks for the newer umpire equivalent to 1-3 years' experience.

Practical Training

STAR-Certified umpires have a greater sense of the role and expectations to help you umpire youth sports. This allows you to more competently and confidentially officiate your games.

Demonstrate Your Excellence and Commitment

Some leagues now require all umpires obtain STAR-Certification. For those that don't, getting STAR-Certified means you are committed to improving the kids' experiences.

Very Low Cost

For about the cost of umpiring one game, STAR-Certified umpires receive hours of specific training and focused knowledge that can be applied within their games.

Easy and Convenient

The STAR Umpire Certificate Program consists of short 5-8 minute lessons designed to be completed at your leisure. Whether waiting for the doctor or relaxing at home, you can progress through the course at your convenience on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Resources To Help When You Need It

STAR-Certified umpires will still have questions. Luckily, they have FREE access to a safe and private forum built just for them to ask questions and find answers.